Build the Foundations of a Successful Coaching Business.

Remove The Guesswork And Save Yourself Time And Stress With Step-By-Step Guidance


The Best Start For Any Coaching Business

Do you have a dream to bring your gifts into the World and support people to heal? To help them discover more about their true nature?

This course has been created to address the common reasons new coaches make that stops this dream from happening.

There are very real and avoidable mistakes that coaches make when starting a business. These mistakes not only cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, they can hold you back from realising your dreams.

Business and marketing doesn't have to be boring and tiresome. Learn these essential elements of landing your intentions in the material world and you'll be off to the best start for your business.

What You Will Learn

With a touch of magic, contemplation and ritual you will realise the how to take more powerful action in your business,

Understand The Internal Game of Business

Business is not just about profits and the latest marketing tactics. It's an opportunity for huge personal growth and transformation. Learn ways to ensure you take advantage of this opportunity.

Get Empowered Through Clarity

The ability to take bold and powerful action comes from a deep sense of purpose and passion. Learn how to create this in yourself as well as create powerful tools that will help you persist through challenging times.

Start Taking Powerful Practical Steps

The foundational activities you complete in this course will fuel your business journey for years to come. Establish a strong foundation from the start and save yourself from common mistakes.

Save yourself time & stress. Start your business right.

Some Kind Words From Our Happy Clients

Emily Clarke

Women's Empowerment Coach

"It's the course I needed years ago, but I am glad to have found it now. Thanks for doing this much-needed work"

Luna Agneya

Love & Liberation Coach

"Working with Tristen has been invaluable for me and my business.

He puts things in a way that I can understand so I can get inspired by the 'boring' aspects of business and see the magic in them. He's the shiva to my shakti in my business and the kind of help I think everyone can use!"

Sarah Collins

Women's Pleasure Coach

"I would recommend this course for soul-led entrepreneurs who want to move forwards with their business and see results happen and receive excellent support, guidance and inspiration along the way."


What You'll Learn

Over 7 modules you'll learn practical business and marketing skills with a hint of magic and personal development.

Module 1
Business Alchemy

Learn how to transmute the lessons from your business journey to help you grow and create more success.

Module 4
Channelling Your Ideal Future Clients

Get to know who you're serving so you can bring your magic directly to them.

Module 2
Clarity Is Power

Create a clear vision of the future you wish to experience. Empower this vision through creativity and inner listening.

Module 5
Expand Your Influence

Learn the ways in which you can grow your audience and start connecting with them.

Enchant Your Business

Understand the value of creating a magical experience for your clients and how it can contribute to your growth.

Module 3
The Magic Of Numbers

Learn the magic of numbers and how you can wield them to serve you and your business.

Module 6
Lead With Your Light

Make peace with sales and use it to guide and lead your ideal future clients towards your offerings.

Meet Your Guide

Tristen spent his corporate career working as an Account & Project Manager in Digital Marketing agencies. He has supported small businesses as well as large global brands to successfully launch and market their products and services. During this time he managed teams of specialists, handled the needs of boards of directors and was responsible for millions of dollars of advertising budget.

He ran his own consultancy and boutique digital marketing agency for 6 years before turning to working with coaches and healers. He know his path was to work with the people he saw creating the changes the world needed.

He created the Alchemical Coach Academy as a means to support coaches and facilitators working in the realms of sacred sexuality, intimacy and relationships with is extensive business and marketing knowledge and experience.

He loves empowering people to live their dreams and find balance between their working aspirations and their personal desires. His passion is to help people succeed whilst avoiding all the mistakes he had to learn the hard way.

Stop The Overwhelm By Starting With Clarity And Confidence

The main reason coaches fail in creating a business that sustains them is a lack of knowledge and guidance around where to begin. This leads to wasting valuable time, money and energy in areas of business that don't get you moving in the right direction fast enough. This then creates burnout and eventually giving up on your dreams.

It is a daunting task setting out to create a business from scratch with very little knowledge and guidance.

When you start to look at making your coaching dream a reality you starting coming up against questions like: where do I start? Who am I thinking I can fix these problems for people? What skills do I need to learn? How do I reach my ideal clients? 

You've already spent so much time getting qualified and experienced enough to coach and now this?!

The more you open up to the possibilities the more challenging the task can become.

You want to help people and create the life of your dreams and you don't want to have to become a business and marketing executive to achieve that.

With so many courses and business coaches to choose from it can become a journey of stress and anxiety instead of the exciting adventure you'd hoped it to be.

What if there was an obvious step you could take that would make navigating this space easier?

What if you could create a mindset of excitement and confidence that would help you alchemise challenges into gold that could ensure your success?

This course has been designed to do exactly this.

To help you create a fertile ground for growth, expansion and success.

Investment Options

This course has been intentionally priced low as a safe entry point for those of you just starting out in your business journey. If you are not happy with it after 7-days* you may request a refund.

INTroductory Offer

All the content and nothing but the content.



  • Limited Introductory Price
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • Immediate Start


All the content PLUS expert guidance & support.



  • Includes 2 x 1 hr private coaching sessions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Acces to All Modules
  • Immediate Start

*Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't happy with the course after 7-days you can request a refund.

In order to be eligible for the refund you must have be able to demonstrate that you completed at least 3 modules and the associated exercises.


How long will it take to complete the course?

You could finish the course in a week if you really dedicated yourself to one hour per day of study and practice. It all depends how deep you want to explore each subject. Each module is contains an educational video, guides and exercises which should take around 1 hour to complete if you really commit to it.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you aren't happy with the course then you can request a refund within 7-days after purchase.