If the following statements make your stomach churn then please continue reading…

Make your first $10K FAST
Your FREE ticket to riches
SECRETS to building a 6 figure coaching business in 3 months!!

You’ve seen these offers from coach marketing educators promising you riches and success. You may have even taken them up on their offer.

You’re still reading so I guess that these tactics don’t match the way you feel you want to market your coaching business.

I’m not here to put these coach marketers down as I am sure their tactics work for many people. My message here is to let you know that there is a way to market your coaching business that lets you put your values and your clients at the heart of your marketing and that you can have fun whilst doing it!

Coach marketing and marketing in general has lost its way and it’s time for a change. As the inadequacies of the old ways of doing business and marketing continue to rise to the surface, new possibilities start to emerge.

If you are tired of self-centered and manipulative marketing tactics that serve profit as a priority then you are not alone. Not only are there many people such as yourself seeking new solutions on how to deliver marketing, there are as many people who are ready to receive fresh, new and conscious marketing approaches.

There are people waiting to hear your message who desire your support.

A more conscious approach to marketing puts the potential client at the centre of your business and marketing not profit. It seeks to add value at every opportunity. It prioritises delivering value over deriving maximum profit. It sees beyond the numbers and considers the impact one is having on those who receive its messages in a way that is empathetic, respectful and trauma-aware.

This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice financial success.

And it doesn’t have to be a mundane affair either. It can be magical and fun as well!

These are some of the driving principles of The Alchemical Coach Academy so if you feel like challenging the status quo, getting magical and mystical with your marketing all with a community of your fellow coaches then please join us!

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Tristen is the founder of The Alchemical Coach Academy.

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